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Welcome to the KCH K9 Corner!

We would love to include your photos of your dogs enjoying their time with us at KCH. Just tag us on Instagram and we will add the photo to the website



We are dog crazy here at KCH

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Kemerton Coffee House is very much a dog-friendly zone.

We welcome well-behaved dogs either inside the shop or out in the back garden or the area in front.

We have our semi-resident canine hostess Tess who you will often find lounging around the place or coming up to greet visitors. Tess also enjoys having her canine colleagues dropping in for a visit while their owner indulges in something tasty from the menu.

But, of course, we don't want the dogs to feel left out, so we are now offering a free Puppuccino to every dog whose owner orders at least a hot drink. Our Puppuccino is made from dog-friendly dairy-free whipped cream topped off with a dog biscuit. Depending on the time of year we may also add in something extra - for example the Halloween Puppuccino is drizzled with pumpkin pureé - good for a dog's digestive system. 

We also have our Doggy Station near the main counter. Here you can find dog biscuits, toys and waste bags in case you have left home without yours. We can also supply a water bowl to give your dog a refreshing drink during his walk. In season we also stock dog-friendly ice cream made by Dolcetti in Cirencester.

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