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Local suppliers we recommend


Based in Cirencester, this family run business supplies local hospitality venues, as well as providing a 24 flavour “parlour” for the general public to be able to enjoy the products.  Unique to Dolcetti is a range of ice cream cakes (though no cake in the cakes!), including made-to-order celebration cakes with your own choice of flavour combinations.

At KCH we stock a range of their flavoured tubs.

We’re passionate about making bread that tastes great, is good for you and helps the local community.

Every loaf that comes out of our oven is made slowly by hand, using just four ingredients - flour, water, yeast (mostly wild) and salt.

At KCH we stock a range of their Cruffins and croissants


Here at Martin Carwardine & Co. we're passionate about coffee.  Coffee is not just a 'product' or a 'commodity' to us, it's something into which we put years of expertise and genuine care to ensure that the final result meets the highest standards.

Above everything else we do, the quality and taste of our blends takes priority.  We don't believe in cutting corners to save a few pence here and there and we won't do things 'the easy way' if it means compromising on the important stuff.

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